How to Properly Clean and Maintain Different Types of Jewelry

If your diamond ring has lost its luster, or your platinum rings or gold bracelets are showing signs of wear, paying big bucks for a professional jewelry cleaner shouldn’t be your first choice to make your prized possessions shine again. There are a lot of ways to clean and maintain your jewelry, and most of the materials you need can be found right at your home!
First, you have to consider the different types of jewelry. Some cleaning materials may not be the best solution to clean a certain type of jewelry, and some cleaning techniques work for all types of jewelry. In this eBook, I’ll show you how to clean and maintain your precious hand fabricated custom jewelry and other pieces you might have at home.
  • Understanding the Material.
  • Understanding Jewelry Discoloration.
  • Cleaning Your Jewelry.
  • When to Go to Your Local Jeweler.
  • Storing Your Gemstones