The design process of Maytal's jewelry is very unique. Using many different skillful techniques, Maytal ensures that each piece is given the maximum attention in all of its stages. After hand drawn custom sketches are completed, each piece of jewelry is hand crafted out of platinum. In today’s age of technology of molds, casting, and computer generated rings, hand making has become a rarity due to its time consuming and tedious process. This is how hand fabricated custom jewelry designs are made.

Although a lengthy process, this gives Maytal the ability to customize each piece to its finest precision and proportions in every aspect. While most jewelers today use pre-made molds and waxes they try to adjust to fit their customer's center stone into, Maytal contrarily begins the process with the center stone and builds the ring around it. All additional diamonds used are ideal cut, F-G in color, and VS in clarity, allowing for maximum reflection and ultimately sparkle of the jewelry. Many of Maytal's pieces are also hand engraved and given a vintage flair.

All in all, from the beginning design phase to the final custom touches, Maytal's jewelry brings forth a combination of meticulous artwork and top of the line precious metals and jewels to create lifetime masterpieces.